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About Gala Fest

A part of Framlingham for over 100 years


The traditional Framlingham Gala has been a part of Framlingham and the area for many years, but in May 2018 the Gala was relaunched as a three-day event: 'Framlingham Gala Fest'. Each year a new theme is chosen to make the weekend bright, full of energy, colour and music with something for all the family, young and old!

As well as keeping and revamping some of the traditional elements of the weekend, there were a range of new activities for everyone to enjoy and get involved with.

Everyone was encouraged to join in the fun by dressing up and embracing the  chosen theme, either by entering Monday's parade or if you owned a shop in the town, by dressing up your window as part of 'The Best Dressed Window' competition! If you were feeling sporty you could take part in the new team duathlon event, or just sit back and listen to some live music at the Live Music Night.

Whatever the name, theme or entertainment on offer, the aim of the weekend was and always will be to provide a fantastic and memorable event for the town and people of Framlingham.

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 "The aim of the weekend has and always will be to provide a fantastic and memorable event for the town and people of Framlingham" 


The Gala Fest Commitee are a small but hard working and dedicated group of volunteers who organise and plan throughout the year to put on the best event possible for the people of Framlingham.

If you think you would like to join the team or help out in another way please get in contact Steve on 07836590904 or


The Gala has been an attraction in Framlingham for over 100 years. Prior to the First World War and back to the 1880's it was run by an elected committee from the community.


The Royal British Legion took over in 1922 until the break out of the Second World War.

After WW2 the British Legion gave Framlingham Sports Club permission to organise the Gala. The first Sports Club Gala was held in 1948 and attracted a large crowd.

The Gala weekend has continued to entertain and evolve over the years. The fun fair (Bert Stocks) is open all weekend and is always popular, a parade of decorated floats and people in fancy dress pass through the town as they make their way to the Castle Meadow, and various forms of entertainment including trick cyclists, the Suffolk School of Samba, motorcycle stunts, clowns, magic and more please the watching crowd.

As well as the fair and parade, a craft fair and car boot sale have also been added to the weekend and they take place by the Castle and at the Sports Club.

The Gala is the main fund raising event of the year for the Sports Club with all profits made (when it doesn't rain) going to help to maintain and supply new facilities at the club for young and old.


The Sports Club aims to continue the tradition of the Gala that has  been part of Framlingham and the area for so long, and put on an event for everyone to enjoy.

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