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£5 Wristband 

Includes participation in all Sports Activities and Music Performances, entrance to the ground for non participants is free until  17:00, Under 5s are free all day

Live Acts

        Have a go - Six Shots

        See if you can get a bullseye 


Sports Fun Participation  10.30 to 15.30 

Trade Stalls

11.30AM Pop Chorus

12.15AM Katie Mitton 

13.00PM Ruby Ambrose 

1.45PM   Andy De Martino

2.30PM   Chris Asker

3.15PM   Lauren Jennifer    

4:00PM   Victoria Ramsey  

4:45PM   Breeze Redwine

5:45PM   Handle with Care

6:30PM   Charli Stephens-King

7:30PM   Ikarus

8.45PM   The Man in the Hat


 Play the ball machine

 Most accurate Serve 

 Try Mini Tennis (U11s)

Croquet version of bowling for a Pig



Beat the Keeper

Shooting at Targets

Fastest Lap

Bleep Test

Obstacle Course

Running Club

Hockey   - Activities TBE



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